AdSense vs Adsterra , Is Adsterra better than AdSense !!! 2021 updated.

 Adsterra is no 1 on my list of best AdSense alternatives but can Adsterra beat AdSense 's monopoly in the website advertisement industry ???

AdSense Vs Adsterra 2021 updated.

Adsterra vs AdSense

AdSense review :

About AdSense :-

Adsterra vs AdSense

Do u seriously need to know ABOUT AdSense , If you are a blogger or a webmaster you would be and you should know about AdSense . In fact , for many bloggers like me AdSense earnings screenshot of other bloggers were one of the biggest inspiration to start blogging 😅😅. AdSense is owned by google and it's google's own advertisement platform . It is the most trusted ad network both by publishers and advertisers . It has paid approx 26 billion $ To its publishers and no any Ad network can come close to it.

AdSense Pros :-

AdSense is owned by google and is the leading ad network or we could say the monopoly ( single largest brand ) in the web advertisement industry .

• The biggest advantage with AdSense is the trust , we know google isn't going anywhere nor is the AdSense , so you don't have to think twice before applying for AdSense that whether this adnetwork is legit or not and so is the case for advertisers which helps AdSense in becoming larger and larger .

• The Cpm rates ( or the rpm i.e revenue per 1000 impressions in case of AdSense ) are the highest for small and medium Publishers , for big publishers with more than 25,000 visitors per month there are higher paying options like :- Media vine and ad thrive but for smaller and medium sized publishers , AdSense is the highest paying Ad network .

• The ad formats , AdSense have the largest collection of ad formats among all the Other ad networks , The different banner sizes and native ads , interstitials but they don't have Pop unders .

• Advanced ads , well AdSense is a google product and you can expect it be every bit advanced and ...It is advanced , google have vast sources to track user information , It's search engine , Youtube and even your keyboard ( If you are using Android ) and the relevant ads results in higher Click Through Rates  and higher revenue for Publishers .

AdSense Cons :-

If AdSense didn't had some major Cons , The  AdSense alternatives ads networks wouldn't have survived and I wouldn't have created a full guide on the best AdSense alternatives .

• Not easy to get accepted - This is one of the biggest problems with AdSense , you need to have a proper website with good navigation and some traffic with a good domain ( it's not that necessary ) to get approved , which many of the beginner bloggers find hard .

• Very easy to get kicked out - The harder it is to get approved , the easier it is to get banned by AdSense , you break one condition of Adsense ' s several hundred of conditions , boom !!! You are banned .
You will receive a deadly mail by Google and the quest for best AdSense alternative starts , and what's the hardest part - You can do nothing about it .

• Earnings getting struck - If your earnings are in your AdSense account and your account gets banned , you lose everything in your account .

• High minimum payout - The minimum payout for AdSense is 100$ , and it can take months to achieve it.. If you have low traffic.

• Low earnings problem - As AdSense is getting popular and popular , it's decreasing the cpc rates for Publishers , Visitors are developing ads blindness ( they rarely click on ads ) and then the low cpc rates .. are a headache for Publishers.

• Not the independence to choose from cpc and cpm ads  - AdSense is mainly a cpc ad network but it do have cpm ads but the problem is you can't manually choose which ads you want to display , further increasing your problems as a publisher .

Adsterra review :

About Adsterra :-

AdSense alternatives

Adsterra is One of the oldest and most popular AdSense alternative for new bloggers and Publishers , Over the years it has established trust among its advertisers and Publishers so much so that now It is directly compared with AdSense . 

Adsterra Pros :-

Adsterra have some serious advantages over AdSense that has made it very popular over the years .

• Instant Approval - This is probably the biggest advantage Adsterra have over AdSense that Adsterra accepts all type of website , websites with subdomains like :- or , If your site has 0 traffic also you can monetize and earn money from your site with Adsterra , and that makes it different .

• Ad formats - Generally AdSense alternatives don't offer many ad formats but that's not the case with Adsterra , Adsterra offers a whole lot of ad formats with different banner sizes , Pop ads and exclusive ad formats like ' social bar '.

• Low minimum payout - It seems like makers of adsterra made it to compete with AdSense and for small and begginer bloggers only , It has low minimum payout of just 5$ for Webmoney but for PayPal it has 100$ minimum payout .

• Cpm ads - Adsterra provide cpm ads for its Publishers , which means even if your website visitors don't click on the ads , which they generally don't do  but you will still be payed . 

• High paying ads - Adsterra have the pop under ads and the direct links which usually have very high cpm rates as compared to the general banner and contextual ads.

Adsterra Cons :

If Adsterra have so much qualities , why it isn't the no. 1 Ad network in the world !!!

• A very big problem with Adsterra is it's revenue inconsistency which means That there are several days on which you will earn very good cpm and there are days when you will earn near '0' cpm and for many of the publishers the higher cpm days never come.

• One of the biggest problem with Adsterra is the redirecting Pop ads , Pop ads are the highest paying ad format in Adsterra but the problem with them is as soon as your website visitors click on anything on your website they are redirected to spammy looking ads pages , these redirecting ads can result in 100% bounce rates and you may end up being penalized by google

• The minimum payout for PayPal is 100$ , The lowest minimum payout in Adsterra is 5$ but that's only for Webmoney wallet , if you don't have it , you will have to create a Webmoney wallet or wait for 100$ and can be pretty hard with the low rates.
The minimum payout for wire transfer is ridiculously high as 1000$.

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Final words :

So Is Adsterra better than AdSense ?
No , definitely not till now ... AdSense may be hard to get approved and easy to get banned but it offers Highest rates to small and medium Publishers and has the best quality , If you have sites on niches that aren't going to get approved on AdSense like Content downloading or sites with subdomains and with low traffic and you want to earn from your website as soon as possible .... You can choose Adsterra but Your goal should be to make a website that gets AdSense approved if you want to earn in a ling run from blogging or earn big from blogging .

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