Popads.net vs Popcash.net.. best pop under ads network in 2021

 In this Game of Pop Up and Pop under ads , Lets see who wins the battle between Pop ads and Popcash...And sits on the throne Of the best pop ads network.

Pop Ads Vs Popcash 2021 Updated.

Popads.net vs Popcash.net.

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Pop ads review :

About Pop ads :-

Popads.net vs Popcash.net

Pop ads.net has been in this Pop ads business for a very long time now and no doubt that it is the No 1. when it comes to popularity and no of users..but just because many use something , it doesn't becomes The best.. There's surely need to be something else.

Pop ads Pros :

Pop ads is surely one of the best Pop ads network out there :-

• It's first Major advantage is it's Cpm rates and that's the major advantage of whole pop ads network industry and probably one of the most important reasons of their existence .. Pop ads show full page adverts and generally results in higher conversion,
so the advertisers pay well to these ad networks and they pay well to publishers as compared to normal contextual and banner ads network.

Pop ads cpm rates :

For teir 1 traffic - 4 to 8 $
For teir 2 traffic - 2 to 4 $
For teir 3 traffic - 0.4 to 2 $ 

I know for many of you these rates may seem low .. for a pop ads network ..But ya These are the true rates...

• It's Low minimum payout :- With payout of just 5$ , popads.net is clearly the winner in this payout criteria not only in Pop ads Industry but also in whole of the ad network industry ..and above this great feature 
Popads.net also approves daily payment requests.

These are the some of the industry leading features and pop ads .net has set industry standards in pop advertisement world.

But it has its dark side too :

Pop ads Cons :-

• Pop ads have a single big devastating con that is redirecting ads that totally block the content access to the user ..


When you use popads.net on your website , your site starts to show redirecting Pop ads , as soon as your website visitor clicks on anything on your website he/she gets redirected to the ads page which totally block content access to the visitor :

1. It results in near '100'% bounce rates  which means none of your visitor are interacting with your page and believe me it is a very bad signal to google that your website would be sending ...It can result in decreased organic rankings .

2. It would result in less session time per user and it is also very bad rankings metric you would create.

3. It would result in bad reputation of your site and google may even penalize you ..

Final words about Popads.net :-

So what should you do... Pop ads.net offers Good cpm rates , daily payment but it shows redirecting ads that can harm your website..So If you have a website that gets organic traffic and is in fairly competitive niche ..Then I suggest you not to use Popads.net ... " Your rankings are the biggest asset that you can have in the blogging industry and you should always try not to loose it.."👍👍 ,


If you have film downloading sites or similar sites Where you know The competition is less or visitors will come only time Like any viral post...Then feel free to go Popads.net.

Popcash review :

About Popcash :-

Popads.net vs Popcash.net

Popcash is also one of the most old players in the industry ..It started to operate only 2 years after popads.net and isn't very far behind popads in terms of popularity and no of users.

Popcash Pros :-

I found popcash as one of the most advanced pop ads network in the market

• It's interface is very beginner friendly , clean clear and advanced .

• Popcash's biggest advantage is the disadvantage of popads's The redirecting Pop ads that block the content access ... This is not the problem with Popcash and probably The biggest reason I love Popcash.
When you use pop cash ads on your website , your website visitor aren't redirected to an ads page but the ads page simply opens under the Tab ... and don't Block the content accesss So :

1. your bounce rates don't increase ..which makes sure your rankings can !!!

2. You get a high session time .. also a good ranking factor , which increase your SERP rankings as google sees it as good content.

• There are many Pop under ads networks in market that don't redirect ads but Popcash is the largest , most trusted and It provides Good cpm for the Pop under ads , which most of the pop ads network don't offer ..

Popcash Cons :-

• The minimum payout for Popcash is 10$ , which isn't much but comparing to it's competitor its double.

• The views in  Popcash sometimes  don't get counted as some visitors may directly close the tab..

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Final words about Popcash.net

I personally use Popcash.net on my content downloading site because I didn't wanted to loose my organic traffic as it was my primary source of traffic .. If you too have site that depends on organic traffic or social traffic mainly , I advise you to use Popcash...
It may give you slightly low cpm than Popads but You would have your rankings and traffic ... What would you do with cpm rates when you don't have the traffic 😅😅.

Infact , it is second in my list of best AdSense alternatives .

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