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 Earning money by shortened links had become one of the best methods to earn from websites and social media , but which link shortner is the best..?? vs 2021 updated. vs review : vs

About or popularly know as ad fly is one of the oldest and largest players in the link shortening business .
They have been in this business for more than a decade now .. and it's no question that they are legit or not..... Surely , They are.

Adfly lets you earn money by shortening the links of your sites or the links you can share on social media ( now the site have launched link shortening services with which you can share the links on Facebook too , but sometimes it doesn't work !!! ) pros

• is a reliable link shortner , yes I guarantee you .. can trust on .
Nowadays making link shortners have become so easy that There is like a flood of link shortners that promise you to give money for sharing shortened links but they simply don't ... so having a reliable site is in itself a big advantage.

• ads don't block the content access totally , What does it mean .... ??
It means that by clicking on the skip ads button , your visitor will eventually reach the content he/she came to see or read . Many new link shortners like :- Shrinkearn totally blocks the content access to the visitor which isn't goid for your website.

• cpm rates , Forget about the payout rates they show on their website ... If you are a regular reader of my blogs you would be knowing How Harsh this internet marketing world is.. No any Ad network delivers what they promise .. Big bloggers and youtubers won't say this , that's why they are running Affiliate programs.

Adfly cpm rates ( for shortened links )

For teir 1 traffic - 1.5 to 3 $
For teir 2 traffic - 0.5 to 1.5 $
For teir 3 traffic - 0.3 to 0.5 $

yep , these are the actual rates .

• Low minimum payout , The minimum payout you can take from is just 5$ which makes it easier for small bloggers to take their payments frequently. Cons :-

• It feels like is now failing to innovate and advance , They have the same interface and the same monetization tools for earning money while many link shortners including it's competitor is continuously testing new monetization tools for Publishers.

• The views aren't counted if the visitor doesn't click on the ' Skip ads ' button after waiting for 5 second and usually 50% of the visitor don't do so , and in many cases 80 - 90% visitor don't do so , if you have nothing special to offer . But it is  not The problem with only , This is same with almost all the link shortners .. Review : vs

About too is one of the oldest , largast and reputed players in the link shortening business .
It has been in this business for years and payed it's hundreds of thousands of Publishers on time.. So you shouldn't waste your time researching about the legitimacy of , It is by far the best link shortner I have used . Pros :-

• has been here for years and they have set new benchmarks in link shortening services which pays money to the Publishers So it is a trusted and reliable site.

• The feature of which makes it different from is it's full page scripts
It is the revolutionary monetization tool that it offers with a lot of customization options..Which you will not find any where else even not with the AdSense or , while too offers these full page scripts but they aren't as advanced as shorte's . To know more about it refer to the article below 👇👇.

• has very low minimum payout of 5 $ but what makes it different is 1$ bonus that it gives to the new publisher after it completes it's first 100 views .

• They offer a fixed cpm , not as high as they tell in the payout rates section of their website but still it would be much higher than contextual ads and could compete with pop ads rates . Cons :-

• Views aren't counted in if the visitor doesn't clicks on the skip ads button after 5 second same as the problem with But has the solution with full page Interstitial ads - Refer to the above article about " detailed review" for more information on this.

• Some of the customization options don't work , like :- The heavy ads , moderate or less ads which means the amount of ads you want to show...

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Final words :-

So , what should you choose ... or , reading my article you would have guessed That I would suggest , why because I always prefer - QUALITY Link shortners shows the type of ads that block content access both and but's full page scripts are really very good monetization options that shows very less ads with good cpm rates.

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