Best AdSense alternatives with Instant Approval 2021 updated .

 AdSense alternatives with Instant Approval for all type of websites and no minimum traffic requirement , rated from Best to worst !!! ( 2021 )

Best AdSense alternatives ( Instant Approval ) for 2021.

AdSense alternatives 2021

All The AdSense alternatives we have discussed in this Blog have following key features 👇👇

• Instant Approval 

 The AdSense alternatives that gives instant approval to New bloggers and Publishers.

• Accepts all Types of websites 

The AdSense alternatives that Accepts All types of websites .

• No minimum Traffic Requirements 

 The AdSense alternatives that have No minimum traffic requirements.

• Low minimum payout 

 The AdSense alternatives that provides Low minimum payout and are Trusted.

If you are looking for the Above mentioned features in an AdSense alternative ...Then stick to this blog .

Once you go through this post and All the useful articles that are linked to this post..I bet , you wouldn't need to look for AdSense alternatives for your website Any more.👍

No 5. Revenue Hits 

This is the worst AdSense alternative   In our list that I have personally used ,

High paying AdSense alternatives

In Many blog posts and reviews about AdSense alternatives , I have Found Revenue Hits ( some consider it as the best AdSense alternative ) but I found it worst .

Instant Approval ✓
Accepts All types of websites ✓
No minimum traffic requirement ✓
Low minimum payout ✓

It has all the qualities of being a good AdSense alternative ... but why Do I consider It worst.. 
It lacks The most Important Factor of being a good AdSense alternative :- Good Cpm or Cpc rates.
You would ask , are they very low ??
and I would answer " No , they simply don't exist in Revenue Hits " .

Revenue Hits pros :

Revenue Hits made it to our list .. that wouldn't have been possible without any pros 😅

• Revenue Hits have Good collection of responsive ads and have Ads that are advanced and relevant ..If you use revenue Hits then you can be sure to receive higher click through rates ( ctr ) than most other Ad networks.

• It's dashboard is beginner friendly.

Revenue Hits cons :

• Revenue Hits has a single largest con - it's revenue 😉 The revenue I got and many other new publishers Got is zero..
Getting revenue from revenue Hits is very Hard !! The reason for this - Revenue Hits is a Cpa based advertising network that means It will pay to publishers only when The users complete actions like sales or sign ups..

• It's data doesn't uploads in real time.

When I used revenue Hits for the first time on my content downloading website .I received more than 1k  impressions and 26 clicks but the revenue I got was 0 a big ZERO not even a single cent!!!

AdSense alternatives , no minimum traffic required

No 4. Ad maven

Neither the best nor the worst AdSense alternative I used

AdSense alternatives for new bloggers

Ad maven is said to be highest paying AdSense alternatives but it isn't in my top 3 AdSense alternatives which you would know later in this article.

Instant Approval ✓
Accepts All types of websites ✓
No minimum traffic requirement ✓
Low minimum payout ✓

It follows all the requirements for a good AdSense alternative.
And it really gave me one of the highest cpm I achieved for my content downloading site..but all isn't well with Admaven.

Admaven pros :

Admaven is overall a good ad network for Publishers ,
• It has user friendly interface,
• Advert Tags are approved almost immediately ,
• It seriously offers some good cpm rates for pop unders.
• It offers a Good collection of Ad formats

High paying AdSense alternative

Admaven cons :

• It's Ad formats are only where the problems with ad maven starts ..The new Publishers get access to only pop advertisement codes , for displaying the other ad formats on your website you have to contact your Account manager via skype and getting approval from these account managers if you are a new Publisher with fairly low traffic  is really hard .

So the only ad format you really get with ad maven is pop ads and there are many pop ad networks that provides higher cpm that Admaven's pop ads

• Admaven's statistics don't uploads in real time.

No 3. Shorte .st is a link shortner but It is 3rd in my list of best AdSense alternatives soon you will find out why !!!

No approval AdSense alternative

I started to use after I saw it's payout rates for the publisher , honestly I was fed up by the cpm rates these AdSense alternatives were offering and was getting continuous rejection from AdSense I tried to monetize my content with these link shortners , I knew these shortners display very heavy ads and destroy audience experience But I needed to monetize and earn So I gave it a go..and completely shocked me..

Instant Approval ✓
Accepts All types of websites ✓
No minimum traffic requirement ✓
Low minimum payout ✓ have a very popular competitor , many of you who know about link shortners can think why I didn't took as one of the best AdSense alternatives. Pros :

• is a good link shortner , everyone knows it but it can be a very good AdSense alternative too..It has full page scripts whose Tags you need to add to your website just like any other Ad network and it displays an Interstitial ads for 5 seconds with skip ads button.

• It has a lot of customization options for the ads you show to your visitors like :- The entry and the exit scripts ..where you can decide whether you want to show the advert as soon as user comes  to your website or 3 seconds after or on a click ... does any other Ad network gives you such type of customization ..... NO !!!

• It offers fixed Cpm rates , you don't need to worry much about earnings as  you would know how much are you gonna paid for one view .

• It's Ads don't totally block the content access like many other shortners and Pop ads which results in great user experience.

• It's minimum payout is just $5 and it gives 1$ bonus on first 100 views which makes receiving your first earnings quite easy.

No approval needee ad networks Cons : 

• It's cpm rates are clearly not near to what they promise .. They say the reason is of traffic quality but you don't have any Options as All the link shortners do it ..yes All !!! 

• Views are only counted when The visitor clicks on ' Skip ads ' Button.

No 2.

There are many Pop ads networks that can be good alternative to AdSense but Pop cash has something special ....

Best AdSense alternatives for 2021

In my quest to get higher cpm rates , I started using Pop ad networks As I knew they offer the highest cpm rates..I used Adsterra's pop ads , I used Ad maven's , I used but these all had one common problem ....... Ads redirecting , I hated it because GOOGLE hates it .. redirecting ads results in very low audience retention and very high bounce rates , that can drastically decrease your hard achieved Organic Rankings. But it's Solution I found In Popcash ☺️☺️

Instant Approval ✓
Accepts All types of websites ✓
No minimum traffic requirement ✓
Low minimum payout ✓

There is a very big name in the pop ads industry i.e , It is largest and most popular Popads network in the digital space but I didn't took it in my list.

Pop Cash pros :

It offers high cpm rates , well most of the pop ads network offer higher cpm rates than usual ad networks.

• The best feature of Pop cash , The feature that makes it second best AdSense alternative is , its non - redirecting ads !!! Yes ,Popcash's pop under ads don't redirect users .They simply open under Tab not disturbing your Audience Retention and bounce rates 👍👍 which makes it very helpful for bloggers and webmaster that have organic traffic.

• Data uploads in real time  , so you won't have to wait to see your daily earnings.

• Minimum payout is just $ 10 which is easy to achieve with its high cpm rates . cons :

• Sometimes views don't get counted when visitors directly close the The Tab without viewing it .

• Don't pay the cpm rates they promise in Their lists.. Again if you are new to this AdSense alternatives stuff then You should remember one thing that The ad networks are not gonna give what they promise.. It's just promotional .. Don't raise your expectations too high..or the only thing you will get is BIG DISAPPOINTMENT .

No 1. Adsterra

I  read many reviews that claim Adsterra to be the best AdSense alternative that I tried it..It was not as good as they promised but still it's The best.

Best AdSense alternative for new website

Well Adsterra is a very complicated Ad network for Publishers , some directly compare it to AdSense and some even use it after getting AdSense approval , while many consider Adsterra to be a scam That simply doesn't pays.

Instant Approval ✓
Accepts All types of websites ✓
No minimum traffic requirement ✓
Low minimum payout ✓

There are many publishers who use Adsterra even after getting accepted from AdSense because of the high rates they get from Adsterra , But many publishers get so low rates that they believe it is a scam , so what it really is !!!

Adsterra pros :

Adsterra offers so many different types of ad formats and give access to each ad format to even the new publishers ( unlike Ad maven ) .

• Their Pop under pays well and they have direct links ad format which I find best for content downloading sites and sites similar to it.

• It has recently introduced Social Bar , which gives many Ad impressions from a single visitor.

Best AdSense alternatives in 2021

• Its minimum payout is just $5 for Webmoney.

• Data uploads in real time.

• Can be used with AdSense.

Adsterra cons :

• The biggest concern with Adsterra is its cpm rates which lead many to believe that it is a scam ad network .. same happened with me But there are some tips and tricks we can use to increase Adsterra's cpm rates.

• The minimum payout for PayPal is 100$

• Many publishers have reported that they have been penalized by google and their rankings have dropped considerably after using Adsterra pop ads ....well this also has it's Solution.

Google penalizes sites..or their rankings drop mainly because of using redirecting pop ads as I had mentioned earlier in this post why this happens and it will happen with most of pop ads network and link shortners.. except the ones I have mentioned in my post.

If you feel anything about this article Good , bad , relatable , bogus .. comment down 
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Final words :-

There are various AdSense alternatives , May be better than I didn't mentioned here because I only mentioned the networks that I have personally used and trust and I found Adsterra as the best , Pop cash and were good too , Admaven not very good not that bad and revenue Hits worst all for a totally newbie publisher . AdSense alternatives will come and go but not AdSense ( in near future 😅 ) . I have said it many times and I will say it once more that " If you have website on the niche that can be accepted by AdSense , GO FOR ADSENSE , grow your traffic and earn from blogging , but if you are a beginner or have a website that can't be accepted by AdSense then only look for AdSense alternatives with Instant Approval.

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