Revenue hits most honest review, My personal experience !!! ( 2021 updated )

 Many reviews say that Revenue Hits is one of the best AdSense alternatives But I consider Revenue Hits as the worst AdSense alternative here's why..

Revenue Hits Review

Revenue Hits Review ( 2021 )

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About Revenue Hits 

Revenue Hits Review

Revenue Hits is one of the oldest and most reputed ad networks out there and is in business from many years..and has quite good reputation .

Revenue Hits Ad formats 

Revenue Hits has a good collection of ad formats for all kind of Publishers

It's Ad formats includes :-

• Banner Ads
• Pop under ads
• Sticky Footer
• Shadow Interstitial

These are Ad formats that are quite Popular in blogging space and Revenue Hits has it all.
There are many different sizes of banner ...Sticky footer is very responsive , Pop under ads too are good and Revenue Hits is one of the few ad networks that allow Shadow Interstitial to new publishers ( overall ad formats are good in Revenue Hits )

The best thing about Revenue Hits , I found was it's Ad formats only ..and it's Ads ,
The Ads that Revenue Hits show are Related to content and are advanced , I can bet that the Click Through Rates ( CTR ) which you will get for Revenue Hits would be higher than most of the ad networks .

Revenue Hits Cpm rates

Well here's the catch .. Revenue Hits doesn't have cpm rates 😐😐, here's what I got.

Revenue Hits cpm rates

You can see here That for more that 1000 impressions , I didn't even got A cent .

"I worked with many AdSense alternatives but that was the first time I didn't got a penny for more than 1k views with A ctr of 2% ..Data in Revenue Hits doesn't work in real time so I waited two days so the data can update and I can see my earnings but No , not any sign of revenue.....As revenue Hits Is neither A Cpm nor A Cpc based Ad network It's A CPA ( cost per Action ) based Ad network 🤦🤦".

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Revenue Hits Payout Methods : 

Revenue Hits Minimum payout for PayPal is 20$ And for wire transfer it is 500$

why Is Revenue Hits worst AdSense alternative 

There are many Factors that make revenue Hits worst AdSense alternative :-

Factor no.1 - It's A CPA based Ad network , It is the single largest factor to make Revenue Hits the worst AdSense alternative,  You should know that AdSense is Cpc based Ad network and most of the AdSense alternatives I used were Cpm based ad networks.. because that's what we want on our websites ..We the web masters or the bloggers would Focus on creating Great content , Getting higher search results , building our community or on Our visitors completing actions of some Ad network .

There is a separate group of Adnetworks that focuses on Cpa ads like :- Cpa lead , Og ads , Ad work media and they pay a way higher than Revenue Hits for the actions that user complete ..So the complete purpose of Using Revenue Hits on your Website is Useless.

My Honest Opinion about Revenue Hits 

If you are a regular reader of my blogs , you would know that With all the Ad networks I review , I suggest some type of websites that suits those ad networks best...But with Revenue Hits I couldn't suggest any such website categories

Sorry Revenue Hits , But you are The Worst..

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General queries and solutions about Revenue Hits :-

Query - Why are My impressions not showing up in Revenue Hits Dashboard ?

Solution - Data in Revenue Hits doesn't uploads in real time , So don't worry Check out after 24 hours , it will get uploaded.

Query - Why is my revenue '0' in Revenue Hits ?

Solution - If You see your revenue 0 in Revenue Hits then you are not alone could read in the above blogpost that I too got zero in Revenue after 1000 impressions with click through rate of 2% that's because You get revenue Only when The visitor completes A action i.e A sign up , a Purchase or anything that the Advertiser considers as An action.

Query - How to Increase Revenue Hits Cpm rates ?

Solution - As I said earlier revenue Hits is neither A cpm based Ad network nor A cpc based Ad network..So To increase Revenue Hits cpm you should take A different Approach that is encourage your visitors to complete the Action Or simply choose A different Ad network 😁

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