What is Car Insurance

Hello friends, welcome to this article of yours today, I am going to tell you today in this article about Car Insurance, so friends, let's start our article today,

Car Insurance is legally compulsory insurance, and therefore it becomes very important for us to understand the answers to some important questions related to car insurance, so in this article of today I am going to give you all the information about Car Insurance.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a type of insurance to compensate for the loss of a third party from important car-related incidents such as accident, theft or any kind of accident and to protect yourself from financial loss from such accidental incidents. There is a protective shield.

Car Insurance is very useful to avoid trouble after accident or car theft. Many people get very upset in the situation of giving legal proceedings and damages due to Car Insurance and later regret that if it had been good to have insurance of the car, it would have been good, friends, everyone should get Car Insurance so that You can avoid the troubles.

Why Is Car Insurance So Important?

So friends, if you do not have Car Insurance and an incident like Car Accident happens with you, or the theft of a car, burning of a car or loss of your car due to any other reason causes loss of your financial assets, hence It is better that you must get Car Insurance so that you can avoid financial losses.

Types Of Car Insuranc :-

So friends, if you keep in mind the protection available in car insurance, then there are mainly two types of car insurance -

1. Zero Dep Car Insurance - This is called Zero Depreciation Insurance, the total cost of your car is insured on taking such insurance, and if you make a claim, you get the entire expenses from the company. In this insurance, every year reduction in the value of your car is not important, so the amount of insurance you have taken, if the claim of full loss is made, then the benefit of full loss is given and the insurance company takes all the expenses.

2. Without Zero Dep Car Insurance - This insurance is called Without Zero Depreciation Insurance or Normal Car Insurance, in which the insurance company takes into account the reduction in the value of the car every year, and at the time, the loss of the car over the car. The claim is made, only taking into account the depreciation of the car at the time, to compensate for the expense. 

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